Appendix D: Listed customers vs. reality for Allyable

While researching the overlays, I discovered that lists 15 logos under the heading "Trusted By", implying those were customers. Of those 15, only 5 could be considered customers. However, of that 5, 1 is a reseller and 3 are customers of "" which apparently uses Allyable code.  Ultimately, 73% of the claimed/ implied customers do not use Allyable on their websites at all and only 1 of the listed companies is a direct customer of Allyable.

Listed customers vs. reality for Allyable
Site URL Customer? Comment
DiverseAbility Magazine No Old make-sense/ mk-sense/aweb code commented out
MyHeritage Yes
AudioCodes No
Teva No
Bank Hapoalim or No
KPMG or No
Aldo Yes Actually, served from
AgilitechSolutions, LLC Yes Actually, a reseller of allyable
Microsoft No
Agent Image No
Olo No
Argos Computer Systems Yes
Crawford Technologies Yes Actually, served from Possibly a reseller
Qualitest No